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About Mandy


Mandy Broughton has two graduate degrees. With her graduate degree in psychology, she has had the privilege of working with individuals and families during difficult times in their lives. She also has a graduate degree in education from seminary and volunteers in different capacities at her church.

Mandy and her husband travel extensively, primarily to locations with beaches and water. These beach locales offer the best opportunities for her to water ski or scuba dive. She lives in Houston with her husband and three children. She is one of the few people that enjoy the heat and will tolerate the humidity. She will only travel to places with snow if they possess a chair lift to the top of the mountain and hot chocolate at the bottom.

Whether traveling or not, Mandy has a book in her hand and two more in a bag. She gravitates towards mysteries but enjoys science fiction and a good historical novel as well. In libraries and bookstores, Mandy tries to stay in areas appropriate for her age. This is not always possible as she tends to find herself with more middle grade and young adult novels upon leaving.