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Mysteries & Sci-Fi for Adults

The Cat's Last Meow

A murder mystery—
Veterinarian Dr. Heidi Knack already has trouble with disorderly patients and their overbearing owners. But when a miserly old man's cat is poisoned, it’s up to Heidi to find out who did it before he shuts down her practice. As she desperately tries to appease her best paying client, she stumbles upon another victim—this time a human. It’s murder, mystery and mayhem. Can she solve the case before she’s the next victim?

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Tides of Possibility Science Fiction Anthology

Mandy Broughton has two short stories in this collection of thirty stories and poems about robots, the future, new worlds, and other fantastic places. The Color of Silence and The Collector will entertain and make you wonder.

Read stories about the possible from some of Sci-Fi's up-and-coming stars.

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